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Love X Magic

A Sapphic Romantasy Collection

Between Mischief & Magic

A drunken demon, a princess who lost her magic, and a deal to save them both...

Rei Deimos, half succubus-half satyr, is a magic-sensing, chaos-wielding mess. When her brother decides she needs to get her life together, he kicks her out of their house. With nowhere else to go, Rei finds herself at the tavern of an inn, with nothing but a bottle of red wine to keep her company. It’s there that the grumpy demon runs into a mysterious cloaked figure who she soon discovers is Amora Lianna of Cerys, the runaway princess with one goal in mind: to find her missing magic.

With Rei desperately in need of a job and a place to live, and Amora equally as desperate to find her magic, the two of them strike up a deal. Rei will help Amora find her magic and, in turn, secure a job as the princess’s royal advisor.

As the two women embark on their magic-seeking quest, they encounter various fae, sip warm beverages, and devour delicious pastries, all while realizing they may need each other more than they initially thought.

As love finds Rei and Amora, will it be enough to conquer the secrets that keep them up at night? Or will everything come crumbling down?

CW: Mention of illness and death, non-graphic on-page murder and death, mild depiction of stress and sadness, adult content, profanity, giant spiders

Between Salt & Serenades

Coming August 22, 2024

BSAS eBook cover FINAL.tif

Between Salt & Serenades is another standalone in the Love X Magic collection and is full of banter, cucumber sandwiches, and quirky sea magic. You follow the love story of a siren and a selkie who are forced to work together despite being natural enemies.

Apply below to be an ARC reader for Between Salt & Serenades! 

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