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Seeking Nessabella:
The Seeking Book One

After unknowingly crossing into a world where magic and mythical beings are more than just a fairy tale, fifteen-year-old Nessa Walker is faced with a new reality. Now, she must ask herself if she was ever meant to find it.

As she navigates this strange but exciting new world, Nessa finds herself with more questions than answers. Will these discoveries lead her to a wondrous new life, or only to the dreaded threat of banishment?

Will she be able to face the monsters she has been protected from her whole life, or will she succumb to her own demons along the way?

All she’d ever known was isolation. Until blood was spilled…

Seeking the Six:
The Seeking Book Two

She’s not a puppet. Not the Queen’s. Not anyone’s.

Tensions are rising in Pemberry following the signing of the Bantilli Accord. The same accord that allows Nessa to remain in Elphorea under the protection of Queen Carmela, against the wishes of many.

Fae are growing restless as banishments to Brutore are at an all-time high, and the conflict in Elphorea is not all they have to fear.

Nessa battles with her newfound knowledge that she is a blend of powerful beings and must learn how to live with the six entities occupying her mind, waiting for the chance to reclaim their power: Amara, Castalia, Nim, Eamon, Sen, and… Talos.

Nessa is a ticking time bomb and must come to terms with her destiny before the twisted king chooses a path for her.

Did the accord truly set her free, or is her title as the Bantilli a new and wicked prison? Will the growing restlessness in Elphorea boil over into something more dangerous, or will Nessa bring peace back to the villages?

Content Warnings

Seeking Nessabella

Violence, mild cursing, on-page death, murder, blood, kidnapping, and mild use of intoxicants

Seeking the Six

Violence, mild cursing, on-page death, murder, blood, kidnapping, mild use of intoxicants, mention of bullying, mild gore, and non-graphic SA attempt

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